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In a nutshell, our blog is about learning Mandarin Chinese. No matter your current level, your reason for learning or your future language goals, we’re confident that our blog will have something to offer you. Our belief is that learning a language should be a fun and enjoyable process. Having said that, it is normal to occasionally feel frustrated due to lack of understanding or minimal progress and during these times it helps to seek guidance and inspiration. Enter Talking Mandarin!

“Every journey begins with a single step”

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Learning any language to a high level is a long road and Mandarin Chinese is no exception. Often times we are so focused on the results of our studies that we forget to enjoy the journey!

People tend to think that when learning a language like Mandarin you have you to take classes or even go to the country to achieve any kind of success. If you think this way then you couldn’t be more wrong.  Having access to the internet is just about all you need to learn any language these days.

About the Author

Casey standing with the a view if Shanghai amazing skyline in the background
Casey with the children he taught English to
Casey being interviewed by Chinese news

Talking Mandarin was started by Casey Burridge. Casey is currently a university student in his home town of Cape Town, South Africa. However, Casey spent almost three years in Beijing, China where he devoted himself to teaching local children, studying Mandarin and gaining valuable life experience.

Upon returning home from China, Casey was inspired to start ‘Talking Mandarin’ where he could write about learning Mandarin, Chinese culture and other topics that are of interest to him.

“Throughout my stay in China I met lots of foreigners who had achieved a high level in Mandarin Chinese. This inspired me greatly and made me realise that Mandarin just couldn’t be this impossibly hard to learn language”.

Casey has always had a fascination with learning languages and sees Mandarin Chinese as being both the most challenging language he’s taken on as well as the most rewarding.

Although currently immersed in university life and other ventures, Casey still devotes time to improving his Mandarin and one day aims to return to China with an even better command of the language.

Casey, together with his partner Vicky (a Chinese native speaker) has written an e-book about achieving success in Learning Mandarin Chinese. Interested? See below.

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We have put together a concise and easy-to read summary of what we believe are the most effective methods and techniques for learning Mandarin Chinese, in the form of our e-book.

Our e-book provides you with ALL the information you need in order to achieve success in learning Mandarin.

 How to tackle Mandarin tones

 How to remember, read, and write Chinese characters

 How to understand native speakers

 How to have fluent conversations

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