Talking Mandarin

A guide to learning one of the world’s most challenging languages

Master Mandarin Chinese!

While Mandarin may be challenging, it is nowhere near as difficult as many people make it out to be. Our mission is to show people that by utilizing the right tools and implementing the right methods, anybody can achieve fluency in Mandarin!

To put it simply, we know what works and what doesn’t. Having spent lots of time in China, we’ve observed people succeed in learning Mandarin and we’ve seen people fail miserably. We have taken all this information combined with our own experience and research and put it all into this e-book.

Instead of writing hundreds of pages about arbitrary ideas, we’ve structured our e-book around KEY methods and concepts that are guaranteed to take your Mandarin to the next level. This is not a textbook but rather a guide. Think of this e-book as your personal companion on your way to Mandarin mastery!

Who is it for?


Do you desperately want to study Mandarin Chinese but don’t know where to begin? Our e-book is the perfect start.


If you are you a beginner learner and struggling with the language, the methods and techniques explained in this e-book will help you get back on track.


You may have been studying Mandarin for some time and have hit a plateau. Read our e-book and reignite your progress.

What it will teach you

How to learn Chinese Characters

Chinese characters are tough. We’ll show you how to learn, remember, read and write them.

How to Master Mandarin Pronunciation

Most people find tones hard. We’ll share with you the best tips and tricks for mastering Mandarin pronunciation

How to have fluent conversations

How to improve your listening and speaking skills so you can have fluent conversations.

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We wrote it for you

Vicky Zhang

Vicky Zhang


Vicky is originally from Guangzhou, China. She has spent time studying and working in the US, Hong Kong and Beijing. Vicky has always been interested in languages and speaks four herself: Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese and English.

Casey Burridge

Casey Burridge


Casey is originally from Cape Town, South Africa. He spent nearly three years in Beijing where he was teaching and studying Mandarin. Casey loves learning languages and has a special relationship with Chinese.

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